Disney Parks Blog: Jungle Cruise Skippers Get Red-Carpet Treatment at ‘Jungle Cruise’ World Premiere

Dani Ganley

Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

Working as a cast member at the Disneyland Resort, every day is an adventure. But some experiences just can’t be taken for granite!

On Saturday, July 24, a group of Disneyland Resort Jungle Cruise skippers donned their khakis for something a little out of the ordinary — a starring role in the world premiere of Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” film.

“I love being here, and to me, every day is a red carpet when we get to do what we do,” shared Skipper Kipp. “I love it here, and being part of [the premiere], it’s hard to top it.”

The excitement before the premiere was palpable, especially among the skippers, who reopened the newly enhanced Jungle Cruise attraction earlier this month. After walking the same red carpet as the movie’s stars — Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt — 10 skippers were invited to take part in the live stream and sit in the front row at the Fantasyland Theatre to see the film.

“I’m just overwhelmed with excitement and happiness – it feels like I’m living a dream right now and I’m just super humbled that we were chosen to be here,” said Skipper Christine Kwok, who’s worked the Jungle Cruise for four years.

Many would think that the chance to walk down the red carpet, with the roaring cheers of fans would be the most exciting part of their role, but many skippers feel special just having the chance to work at the attraction itself.

“I grew up coming to the parks, thinking ‘Hey, a Jungle Cruise skipper would be cool to be,’ and now I am one,” said Skipper Amanda Beth Lorenzo. “Maybe other kids will be like, ‘Hey, I want to do that someday.’”

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt arrived to the premiere in the most epic way: on a special Jungle Cruise boat sporting the “La Quila” name, after the name of the boat in the film.

“I’m excited to see a different chapter of the Jungle Cruise story unfold,” shared Skipper Kristi Newswander. “We have our story here at the ride, and this is going be a new chapter now with the movie.”

Watch the replay of the Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” World Premiere Red Carpet live stream on the Disney Parks Blog and see Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” in theaters or order it on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 30. Disney+ subscription and additional fee required.